Riverbero Exhibition

The Riverbero project opens Thursday the 9th of March through to Sunday the 12th of March 12-4pm, the official opening on Saturday the 11th at 1pm, we hope you can make it!



Riverbero- a mak9 project.

Mak9 will be bringing the Riverbero project to East Belfast in March, 2017. Artists Alice Clark, Heather Dornan-Wilson, Gail Mahon and Stuart Cairns will be installing works in St.Martins deconsecrated church on the Newtonards Road reflecting their  recent experiences from their residency in Pietrafitta, Italy. The exhibition is supported by Art Arcadia and the University of Ulster, Arts and Culture and continues mak9’s explorations of material culture, landscape and the human experience.


alice-2alice-mapping1gail-construct-shadowgail-floor-drawingAndre Serrano 'Torture' exhibition at Voidheather-1heather-3stu-1stu-2-2stu-3


Pietrafitta- Riverbero, beginnings. 

[ Ri-ver-be-ro]

Resonance of a region can carry in the cultural expression within individuals; their gestures, language and the landscape that connect, travel and are packaged within us. Ri-ver-be-ro is a sense of place through the interaction of people, its materials and cartography, connecting the relationships that will unfold between Italy and Northern Ireland through the artist response to an overseas residency and home territories. 

The image above was captured by all of us as we went walking through the village. It seems to have an order, a sense of something composed, curated and arranged. Yet it is simply a set of tools set aside, accessible as needed, a purely practical arrangement for the working day. 

To our eyes we see varying qualities of lines, tones and balance- the wire having a wonderful linear drawn quality about it. The patina on the wall looks like a great swathe of soft marks, like charcoal, forming grounds against which the other, sharper forms sit.  The forms of the tools sit with an implied sense of functionality- unknown to our strangers eyes, but known, in some sense, in our imagination. There is nothing grand about these things, no sense of ostentation and they are accessible for that as simple, understandable forms reflective of a pragmatic life. For those reasons this image connected us in a moment, a glimpse of implicit perfection.