The Lime Walk Project

In August 2014, six artists took part in the mak9 mini residency at Craftfest in Castleward funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through their support of the Craft and Design Collective.

The residency at Castleward was a great opportunity for the exchange of ideas and seeing how other artists  approached their practice while working in entirely different fields.   Collaboration was both direct, through jointly participating in some activities, as well as indirectly through the discussion of ideas and sharing of approaches.

The Lime Walk Project is  the resulting collaboration between MAK9 and Void Studios and features work by Paola Bernardelli, Stuart Cairns, Alice Clark, Aidan Deery, Gail Mahon and Heather Wilson. This exhibition extends a continuing  exchange by the six artists after they shared their working process and creative discussion in response to the estate at Castleward in County Down, during the short summer residency in 2014 at Craftfest, organised by the Craft and Design Collective.


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