Built Heritage Day- this weekend!

This weekend is the European Built Heritage Day and Mak9 will be in the Deanery with the Holywell trust offering a chance to look round the basement, meet some of the artists and get a sneak peak at the upcoming exhibition “Draw On the Walls”.

Draw On The Walls Promo

MAK9 are developing an exciting arts and architectural partnership project with Holywell Trust and owners of built heritage landmarks within the city of Derry that will result in a feature exhibition opening in late September.

Join MAK9 and artists on the ‘MAK9: An Exhibition in the Making’ event, on the 14thSeptember during the Built Heritage weekend.  Get a sneak preview of artists installing artworks in preparation of the Draw On The Walls exhibition. There they will be open to questions and discussion about their artwork and project development, which have lead to the creation of the handmade objects and sculptures, in response to locations such as Boomhall, the Deanery basement and the Walls of Derry City.


Event Title:

Mak9 – ‘An Exhibition in the Making’

Date: Saturday 14th August 2013

Time:  2pm

Location: 30 Bishop Street Within, Derry -Londonderry

.  For more information please email  mak9@craftanddesigncollective.com


Sat 14th Sept   2pm  (lasts 1-2 hrs approx.)

Meeting point: Outside the side gateway to the Deanery, 30 Bishop Street Within, Derry- Londonderry  (Location accessed through the side gates)

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